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…And dances with the daffodils. – William Wordsworth

It has officially been spring for a little while now, but I have only seen glimpses of it since I returned from Europe. Yesterday, however, was extremely warm and sunny, and I was able to take a walk wearing a breezy floral shirt, shorts, and flipflops. Hello, spring.

Today, in true spring fashion, we’re getting a lot of rain. I love thinking about how this rain is going to bring the still rather dead and dreary Bloomington into, pardon the pun, bloom. Graduation is only 34 days away after all. So, having started with a lovely poem about what could be my favorite flower, I’m going to write a little ode to spring and everything I love about it.

From a health point of view, I love that spring inspires people to be more active. Yeah, spring is about rebirth and everybody’s excited about getting active in that sense too (another plus!), but yesterday I saw some public-appropriate activities that I hadn’t seen in awhile. Frisbee, volleyball, couples walking leisurely hand-in-hand… I, personally, am looking forward to jogging outside on a regular basis, riding my bike, taking walks with my mama, and although it’s an indoor activity, Power Yoga. Even diet-wise the spring weather makes eating healthy easier. More produce is in season, salads are more appealing, and I have been eating strawberries like it’s my job. Plus, we all know that sleep is good for you (and good for losing weight), and not much compares to a nap with a little sun streaming into the room and a warm breeze.

Now, I feel like I’m in danger of saying every holiday is one of my favorite holidays, so I won’t say that about Easter. But Easter is still really awesome, even if I’m no longer a practicing Christian. Back when I did go to church every Sunday, Easter was exciting because the church was always full (and people under 60 actually attended!) and filled with the buzz of energy that spring brings with it. Beautiful hats and dresses and men wearing ties. I still love a good Easter dress. In fact, since I am going home for Easter this year– first Easter at home since high school, I think– I’ll have to put together a cute spring outfit for Sunday. Considering Easter’s pagan origins just makes it even cooler… and it explains why we have the Easter bunny and Easter eggs. Basically we can thank the pagans for our Easter baskets and all the best Easter candy…THANK YOU.

Definitely have to try to bake some Easter cupcakes like these from Living Locurto. I will actually make cake ones though-- these are (deceptively) cotton candy! Nonetheless, they're just too cute not to be inspired by them!

It might sound weird, but I also love the concept of spring cleaning. Clearing out the cobwebs and dust, remnants of a winter that lasted too long, and starting afresh. On a psychological level too– de-cluttering your room, and also your life. Simplify, simplify: here’s an encouraging blog post about the topic. I am looking forward to moving back home and going through all my old possessions, clearing out some unnecessary parts of my past and preparing to move forward after graduation. Besides, who doesn’t love a good garage sale?

Spring is always about growth. For me, this spring especially so. It is a time to tie up loose ends from my undergraduate years, return home to my roots, evaluate my current and future goals, weed out any obstacles and distractions, and once I have figured out my next steps, start getting my hands dirty. But not before I bake the cupcakes!

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